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Our products and services are designed to offer self-represented individuals and legal professionals convenient access to the Florida judicial system along with dedicated customer support to quickly produce and file the legal documents needed with the sense of urgency expected when dealing with common legal matters.

Start your legal process today using My Florida Document™ brand services! - Professional legal document preparation services are available to assist Florida's self-represented individuals and legal support professionals. We provide essential tools and resources to help pro-se litigant produce the legal document they need in a fast, professional, cost-effective manner; including local judicial related support services and value-added vendor discounts. Please review the information on our website for more details.


  1. Document Packages and Support

  2. Service of Process, Small Claims, Divorce, Evictions, Auto Liens/Title, Mobile Notary, and Comprehensive Judicial Support Services!
    Diversified Document services offers services designed to meet the need of several specific areas of self-help legal services. On this page you can view the products and services marketed to the targeted consumer via the web site and product description provided below.

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Additional Products and Services


>> My Florida Process
Certified Judicial Process in Florida; specialize in serving your Civil Summons, Writ, Complaint or Subpoena and deliver any other legal demands or notices, and providing the level of support and urgency needed to get the job done fast! We can assure you that your legal documents will be served promptly and accurately. Our Professional process servers are certified & bonded in every Florida County!

>> My Florida Claim
We offer small claim related legal services designed to offer self-represented individuals and businesses convenient access to the Florida judicial system along with dedicated customer support to quickly produce and file the legal documents needed with the sense of urgency expected when dealing with small claims.

>> My Florida Eviction
We offer non-attorney eviction related service dedicated to assisting landlords with evictions, and providing eviction related services. Fast and effective service on any statutory notice, in addition to urgent document preparation, local court courier service, and other affordable eviction related services essential to Florida landlords and property management professionals, state-wide!

>> My Florida Divorce
No matter what problem you face, we have the Florida divorce services that can help!” Expedited legal document preparation services and local filing agent services are available to cover all aspects of your Florida divorce. Documents packages for uncontested Florida divorce with or without minor children and with or without property, including paternity documents, modifications and more!

>> My Florida Title
Independent DMV related title related documents products and services designed to meet the demands of Florida's towing companies, vehicle repair shops, boat/RV storage yards, marinas, auto dealers, finance companies, attorneys, and mobile home parks operators. We can streamline the process for you.  Just fax us your tow ticket and we'll start the paperwork immediately!

>> My Florida Notary
This professional network exists to benefit those who wish to do business with Florida mobile notaries and our members. You can easily schedule appointments with local professional notary publics to visit your home or office to complete notorial acts any time of the day, evening or weekend! Also find information for the public and our members concerning Florida mobile notary related services.